Irene Vlachou is a typeface designer working somewhere between Bristol and Athens. After trying life as an artist and a violinist, Irene found her vocation. Her terrible handwriting and horror of olives turned out to be no obstacles for her becoming a type designer specialising in Greek. In 2004 she gained her Masters in type design at the University of Reading and since then she has been collaborating with international type foundries and corporations as a type designer and as a Greek type consultant. She is a senior designer and the variable font obsessive at Type-Together where she produced three variable fonts: Protipo, Portada and Bree. Notable Greek work includes: Colvert Greek (2012, Typographies.fr), Parmigiano Greek (2012–2014, Typotheque) and Stratos Greek (2018, Production Type). In 2017, in collaboraton with Laurenz Brunner, she worked on the Greek counterpart of the Documenta exhibition's identity font, Bradford Greek. Since 2017 she has been participating in the Google Summer of Code on behalf of the Greek Open Source Community (GFOSS) as a mentor on Greek expansion of Latin libre fonts.

Laurence Penney is a consultant in dynamic font technology based in Bristol, UK. At university (B.Sc. Computer Science) he created a prototype parametric font system. From 1993 he specialized in TrueType, writing rasterizers and hinting fonts for clients. In 1999 he was hired as a founder member of MyFonts, at the time only an idea within Bitstream (Cambridge, MA). He enlarged the team and helped the company to become market leader by a wide margin. From 2016 he has been a consultant in variable fonts. He presents aspects of the technology at conferences and universities, and wrote the open source Fit-to-Width library. His Axis-Praxis website (2016–present) is the first place that anyone can play with variable fonts, and his Samsa visualizes and process variable fonts in useful new ways. In his spare time he collects “one-dimensional maps”.

Contact: info@fauxfoundry.com

Twitter: @fauxfoundry

We would like to mention and thank all the people that helped us in this project in one way or another.

David Berlow's Amstelvar and Type Network's axis proposal

Underware's SuperFont and FontFiction

All variable font obsessives

Tools and technologies: fontTools (varLib, TTX, pyftfeatfreeze), Robofont, Skateboard, woff2_compress, CounterFitter™, FauxForger™, Github