Terms of Use


You use FauxFoundry by dragging and dropping fonts from your computer onto FauxFoundry (“drag-drop fonts”) or by selecting fonts from a predefined list (“predefined fonts”).

FauxFoundry creates font instances (“FauxFoundry instances”) for use as fallback webfonts. To make use of FauxFoundry instances, FauxFoundry provides CSS code, which you adapt for use on your own website in order to provide Greek fallback fonts for your users.

Downloading, copying, opening, modifying

Downloading of FauxFoundry instances is not permitted, other than by browsers in the normal operation of displaying web pages. You are not permitted to copy FauxFoundry instances out of the browser. You are not permitted to open FauxFoundry instance files. You are not permitted to modify FauxFoundry instance files.

Ownership rights

FauxFoundry instances remain the sole property of FauxFoundry.


FauxFoundry is intended for creating instances for fonts where a given Latin font lacks characters which a web developer needs to display. Except for testing purposes, usage of FauxFoundry is NOT permitted in cases where a Greek design for the Latin font is already available.

Local hosting

Local hosting of FauxFoundry instances is not permitted. If you desire local hosting, please contact FauxFoundry to request an explicit written agreement.


No warranty is made by FauxFoundry about FauxFoundry instances regarding technical quality, design quality, or suitability for purpose.


If you are interested in using FauxFoundry fonts and technology outside of these terms, please contact us at info@fauxfoundry.com